About the Rally Program

Rally for the Cure® is about people who are committed to making an impact in the fight against breast cancer. Rally is an awareness program that provides a simple platform for people to educate their friends, family and community about the early detection of breast cancer. Our volunteer organized golf, tennis and social events have communicated the important message that early detection saves lives to over 2 million people and have generated over $70 million for Susan G. Komen™ since 1996.

In a recent study, about half of women aged 40+ with health insurance did not get their recommended annual mammogram. With your help, Rally is working to change that.

About Susan G. Komen for the Cure®

Rally for the Cure is run by Condé Nast, the premier media company that publishes magazines like Golf Digest, SELF and Bon Appétit. Passion is the core philosophy at Condé Nast. We combine the power of our brands, the passion of our people and our broad consumer reach to help support meaningful change in our community and world.

Condé Nast is honored to support Susan G. Komen's commitment to breast cancer awareness by facilitating the Rally program and providing important breast health information across our magazines and websites.

Condé Nast has been a valued partner of Komen since 2004. Komen values the support Condé Nast provides by running the Rally program so that all monies generated through fundraising activities at Rally events can go directly to help Komen support life-saving breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment programs.

Together, our brands and the Rally program help Komen reach over 30 million people annually with the important message that early detection saves lives.

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